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(Bio) Diversity as key driver in adaptive capacity of Urban Landscapes

Shared Value Creation through Integrated Systems Design. Exploring the case of the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Manhattan. Introduction With last year’s record high temperatures and droughts in the USA the general public seems to catch on to the fact that climate change is upon us[1]. Coupled with the recent superstorm Sandy and hurricane Irene (2011) the … Continue reading

Sustainable and Bioclimatic Design in Singapore

Singapore’s hot humid climate limits the succes of passive design principles to improve human comfort in the built environment. This booklet was made as part of the Technology in Sustainable Development curriculum. The key research question addressed was how human comfort in the urban context and within the building envelope can be improved or managed … Continue reading

Investing in Sustainable Cities | It makes sense

Which stakeholder in the building process is hardest to convince? Presentation on investors and sustainable cities. This small research advocates investing in sustainable cities as a matter of common sense. In the building process a number of different parties are involved, at different stages of the lifecycle of a building. These stakeholders are the investor, … Continue reading

Temporal Integration | China Town Singapore Design

The design for the China Town Community Center is the outcome of extensive research on the development of Singapore as a nation state. Understanding what needs to be built in a certain place, is not only the result of an in depth morphological or physical inventory of a place and its context. The analysis will … Continue reading

Hofbogen Rotterdam | Seniors’ Apartment Complex

The Bachelor’s graduation design involves an urban strategy for the (area around the) “Hofbogen” railway track and the design for a seniors’ apartment complex. In a multidisciplinary group I took the role of urban designer. The elevated “Hofplein” railway track was constructed between 1901 and 1909, and is a designated “Rijksmonument” status for being one … Continue reading


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