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I believe in the power of design as a change agent in sustainable transition. Design of products and services, systems and business models with a focus on creating sustainable, shared value.

My aim with this blog is to raise awareness about the potential of design for sustainability. Design, interpreted as a change agent, moves beyond its aesthetic function, towards a powerful force of change. When used responsibly and consciously, design and the design professional, can have a profound effect on sustainable development.

With a professional background as a process engineer and international project manager I have successfully worked on a range of interdisciplinary business process (re)design initiatives in the high-tech sector. It is my ambition to use this experience to affect positive change, facilitate and drive sustainable action in businesses and the built environment.

As a project manager and designer I am passionate about taking small and big steps towards sustainability by creating productive and relevant connections between stakeholders around a shared vision. Stakeholder understanding and beneficial value exchange is key in the design of resilient business models and urban environments.

Please contact me through the sidebar, in case you would like to further discuss the value I can bring with regards to the Sustainable Development of your organization.

Peter de Ruijter



sustainable analysis & design, concept & scenario development, design thinking, backcasting, sustainability for the built environment, spatial planning, international project & implementation management, project leader, (virtual) teams, cultural sensitivity, training & development, results oriented



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