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Investing in Sustainable Cities | It makes sense

Which stakeholder in the building process is hardest to convince? Presentation on investors and sustainable cities.

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This small research advocates investing in sustainable cities as a matter of common sense. In the building process a number of different parties are involved, at different stages of the lifecycle of a building. These stakeholders are the investor, the developer, the designer, the constructor, several public institutions, and the end-user. The message conveyed here is targeted at the investor, as the key driver for change.

A key ingredient for future successful property investment will be to involve the stakeholders as much as possible for the total life cycle of the built product. A long term focus on the creation of socially, culturally and economically diverse cities, investing in re-use of existing building stock, increased consumer and business demand for sustainable solutions, together with the increased return on investment of sustainable real estate make investing in sustainable cities a matter of common sense.



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