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Disposable Plastics: Single Use, ‘Eternal’ Waste

Plastics are all around us, in the houses we live in, in the sofa’s we sit on, the cars we drive, in the tv’s we look at, wrapped as packing material around our groceries, and as main material of the bags in which we carry these groceries home. While for many products the Dutch society … Continue reading

Investing in Sustainable Cities | It makes sense

Which stakeholder in the building process is hardest to convince? Presentation on investors and sustainable cities. This small research advocates investing in sustainable cities as a matter of common sense. In the building process a number of different parties are involved, at different stages of the lifecycle of a building. These stakeholders are the investor, … Continue reading

Innovation as Competitive Advantage in South East Asia | The Struggle of the East to be Western

Introduction This essay is my follow-up on the essay called “Developing the Creative Class in Singapore – Investigating the conditions for Development”. It’s main topic also covers the creative class, however in this essay I will focus more on South East Asia in general. To illustrate my argument for South East Asia I will be … Continue reading

Developing the Creative Class in Singapore | Investigating the conditions for Development

Introduction In this essay I will use the work of Richard Florida on the Creative Class to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the Singaporean society to attract and grow a creative class. Firstly I will use Castells work to argue my case for the need of a creative class to exist. Secondly I … Continue reading


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