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Mundaneum of Sustainability | M.Sc. graduation design | Brussels

The concept of the Mundaneum of Knowledge (1929) by Le Corbusier forms the basis for the graduation project of the Mundaneum of Sustainability. Founded by the Belgian philantropist Paul Otlet, the Mundaneum of Knowledge aimed to bring world peace by collecting and sharing knowledge between world citizens. Achieving a sustainable way of living will be … Continue reading

Sustainable and Bioclimatic Design in Singapore

Singapore’s hot humid climate limits the succes of passive design principles to improve human comfort in the built environment. This booklet was made as part of the Technology in Sustainable Development curriculum. The key research question addressed was how human comfort in the urban context and within the building envelope can be improved or managed … Continue reading

Hofbogen Rotterdam | Seniors’ Apartment Complex

The Bachelor’s graduation design involves an urban strategy for the (area around the) “Hofbogen” railway track and the design for a seniors’ apartment complex. In a multidisciplinary group I took the role of urban designer. The elevated “Hofplein” railway track was constructed between 1901 and 1909, and is a designated “Rijksmonument” status for being one … Continue reading


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