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Feature: GreenStartup LAB – workshop

Friday march 23rd I met with an interesting group of people at the Herengracht location of designthinkers to participate in the Green Startup LAB workshop, funded by Green Metropole.

Simone Veldema and Tim Schuurman (of designthinkers) led a workshop on sustainable service design. With diverse backgrounds in food, bicycles, wedding planning, social sustainability, ict, product design, architecture and urban development the 8 participants focused identifying ‘value exchange’ between stakeholders.

By designing and mapping a beneficial relationship network a business model moves beyond the mere exchange of a product or service, and into a resilient sustainable model benefiting stakeholders not only economically, but also socially, technologically, environmentally and culturally. The result is a supporting, ‘web-like’, structure of cross connections, generating value at multiple levels.

Have a look at the slides for examples of how this practically works!

I found this a fresh way of looking at my own role as sustainable designer for the built environment. Sustainable building(s) is about more than energy savings, it is about creating connections on all the levels mentioned above. This would truly improve resilience of the built environment.

Thanks Green Metropole, designthinkers, and fellow workshop participants!

Peter de Ruijter

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