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Feature: Architecture in Development

Just yesterday I had the pleasure to meet-up with founders Rob Breed and Changfang Luo of Architecture in Development. I learned about them through a friend of mine, and I was interested to understand more about the background of their initiative.

This non-profit organization started in 2009 with the aim of reconnecting sustainable development with architecture. Architecture in Development is a platform open to anyone to freely explore, exchange and share ideas and knowledge, and really contribute to addressing social-cultural and environmental issues of the built environment.

By raising contextual questions A.I.D.’s aim is to move the role of architecture and architects beyond that of pure esthetics alone. Understanding and involving local cultural -, social -, economical -, technical -, environmental context and embedding architectural solutions within this context is as important as the end result.

Visit them! @ : http://www.architectureindevelopment.org/

Have something to share? Check http://www.a-i-d.org/aidmessages.php?id=3



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